Photo Guide

Tips and examples to help take the perfect photo of your pet

  • Lighting whether it be natural daylight or indoor lighting should be in front or to one side of your pets face.
  • Make sure their eyes are visible and the colour looks accurate to their true eye colour.
  • Check their fur is the right colour in the photo, if not please let me know if it’s actually a bit darker or lighter.
  • Make sure nothing is cut off in the photo like ears or paws.
  • Remember you want this portrait to reflect their personality so try select a photo that shows them how you’d like to see them everyday.
  • I know it can be hard to provide the right photo, especially if the pet isn’t your own or they have passed away so I will work with what you have.
  • If your portrait has more than one pet in it I can work from separate photos to create one portrait, two pets in a portrait will increase the price by 50%, three pets increases the price by 75% and four pets increases the price by 100%. 
  • Please note the background of your portrait will be plain unless otherwise discussed.  I can of course include their favourite toy or an extra detail in your portrait but this may come at an extra charge which I will confirm when I receive your photo.
  • Your photo may be cropped to focus on close up detail of the head and shoulders but this will all be approved by you before starting.